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Hazardous substances

Hazardous substances risk assessments are required by State Regulations to determine whether a person's health is at risk from handling these substances and to what degree.

Like most OHS regulations throughout Australia the hazardous substances section of NSW regulation is performance based. Essentially, employers are required to ensure employees' health and safety by identifying hazards in the workplace, assessing and controlling the risk posed by these hazards and providing instruction, training and information to employees.

Employers have specific duties to fulfil these requirements, including:

Best Practice OHS has the expertise to identify, assess and control the hazards of hazardous substances. We conduct risk assessments using a practical and efficient approach aimed to eliminate or minimise employees' exposure to hazardous substances. Several of our consultants are specialist chemists and have the knowledge and expertise to handle these assessments. We can organise and conduct air monitoring if required.

Best Practice OHS can provide you with the tools and guidance to ensure employees' health and safety and help you achieve compliance with the OHS regulations.

Hazardous substances and dangerous goods assessments can be combined. This makes the assessment process very efficient and cost-effective.

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