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Noise Exposure Management

Noise exposure management is one of our fields of expertise. Our consultants have extensive hands-on experience in conducting workplace noise exposure assessments and environmental noise surveys. Our principal consultant is one of Australia's leading experts in this field and has a Master's degree in Acoustics.

Areas or machines that may pose a risk to hearing can be identified and ranked in order of impact on exposure. We can design simple and practical engineering controls that can control noise at its source or stop its transmission. Many of our recommendations for companies have resulted in productivity benefits in addition to reducing noise.

As part of our surveys we also assess current work practices and hearing protection use and suitability.

Best Practice OHS can provide you with noise management services on any scale to help your business achieve compliance with the Australian Standard. Our unique 'Noise Contour Maps' are specifically designed for each individual workplace and are an easy way to identify noisy areas where control methods such as hearing protection are required. In addition we can provide customised training packages for workers and management, including short toolbox talks for workers.

The following list shows a complete overview of our noise exposure management services:

Noise Exposure Management Services

All noise exposure assessments are conducted in accordance with the relevant OHS regulations, codes of practice and Australian standards.

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