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Ventilation Assessment

Effective ventilation is the main control method for air contaminants once they are released. Ventilation can be categorised as either dilution or local exhaust ventilation. There are numerous examples in the workplace where exhaust ventilation is not removing contaminants efficiently. This is due to either poor design or improper application of the system.

Foster OHS has a specialist ventilation engineer, who can measure and assess existing air flows and find ways to improve efficiency where required. We have experience in assessing spray booths, local exhaust hoods for industrial processes, fume cupboards, welding hoods, push-pull electroplating ventilation, fresh air blowers, canopy hoods, etc.

We also assess air conditioning systems as part of our Indoor Air Quality assessments. These surveys often reveal problems such as unbalanced supply air, insufficient fresh air intake, blockages, leaks, inadequate make up air and general poor design.

Our reports provide detailed findings and recommendations, including advice on control solutions to improve ventilation performance in the workplace. Typical solutions include:

Advice on performance of fans, ducts, air cleaning filters and hoods.

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