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Vibration Exposure Management

Workers can be exposed to harmful vibration levels during the operation of power tools, machinery, vehicles and from other workplace sources. Exposure to whole-body vibration is associated with back pain, while hand-arm vibration can affect circulation and joints.

The latest Australian Standard for whole-body vibration (AS 2670-2001) uses new methods to assess damaging jolts and jars. More information on vibration can be found on our useful links page.

Our principal consultant is recognised as a leading expert in vibration exposure assessment and management in Australia with more than 15 years of experience in this field. He is co-author of the publication "Bad Vibrations-A Handbook on Whole-Body Vibration Exposure in Mining", which was produced for the NSW Joint Coal Board. Our consultants have vast experience having conducted many vibration exposure assessments throughout Australia.

Best Practice OHS provides vibration exposure management services to help you achieve compliance with the latest Australian Standard. Our reports present all findings in a clear and concise form that can easily be understood by management and workers. We can provide you with an extensive range of control options and in addition customised training packages to workers and management.

The following list shows a complete overview of our vibration exposure management services:

Vibration Exposure Management Services

As an option, we offer combined noise and vibration surveys to reduce overall costs.

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